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Speed Trailer Request

  1. Speed Trailer Request
    The Coon Rapids Police Department has a Radar Speed Monitoring Trailer. This unit may be deployed in known high traffic and high speed areas and neighborhood roads. The trailer will display the vehicle's speed to the driver as well as record the date and time, location, direction of travel, and speed of vehicles passing by the unit. The information recorded will assist our office with traffic counts and provide information as to when it is the best time to deploy an officer to monitor speeding vehicles, or if there is a speed issue in your neighborhood. The trailer DOES NOT record the vehicle's registration number or driver's information. The Speed Trailer is requested frequently. Due to this, your request will be placed in order of submission date and is subject to weather conditions.
  2. Please describe the address or intersection where you are requesting the speed trailer to be placed.
  3. Please note: requests are fulfilled in the order received. Placement is subject to weather conditions and staffing!
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