Snowplowing Update

Snowplowing Update for 11-27-19
First Update of the Season! (written at 4:30 p.m. 11-26-19)

Coon Rapids is expected to receive 4-8" of snow overnight, and with that expected forecast, Coon Rapids crews will be out starting at 3 a.m. to begin a full plowing of the city's streets which includes main streets, residential streets and cul-de-sacs. Sidewalk plowing will be completed Friday, 11-29-19. Please help our snowplow crews by making sure cars are not parked on the streets overnight tonight.

Winter parking reminder: Winter parking restrictions are in effect. This means vehicles cannot be parked on the street anytime between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. each night, November 1 - April 1. Parking is also prohibited on public streets anytime there may be/or the weather forecast shows there could be three inches of snow or more, or until the street has been plowed from curb-to-curb. Once the snowplow has gone by, and the street has been thoroughly cleaned from curb-to-curb, parking can resume (but still no overnight parking November 1 - April 1).

Garbage and recycling can rules: If it's your garbage day tomorrow, please help our snowplow drivers by putting your garbage and recycling carts behind the curb and not in the street. This is required by City Code and it helps to keep the streets free of obstructions so the plow can go by and clean thoroughly, from curb-to-curb.

The City would also like to take a moment to remind residents that it is 
against the law to blow/push/shovel the snow from your driveway into the public street. Thank you for your cooperation!

City code 8-111 states:
No person shall deposit or permit to be deposited on any public street in this City, leaves, grass, sand or similar materials, nor shall any person plow, shovel or blow or permit the plowing, shoveling or blowing of snow onto a public street in the City. Violation of this provision shall constitute a petty misdemeanor. This provision shall not apply to any person who is in the process of constructing or maintaining a yard or drive provided that the materials are immediately removed from the street. 

Thanks for your help as our snowplow drivers truly appreciate it when we all work together!

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