Recycling and Sustainability
Set Simple Recycling Bags at Curb

Curbside Clothing Drop

You can recycle used clothes, shoes and other household textiles right at the curb. No charge or registration required!

Coon Rapids offers free curbside pickup, as long as textiles are in a designated orange Simple Recycling bag. Get an orange bag from city hall, public works or the recycling center. Place filled bags next to your recycling bin by 7 a.m. on your regularly scheduled recycling day.

85% of all clothing ends up in a landfill. Be part of the solution with Simple Recycling. 

Egg Carton Exchange

Egg Carton Exchange

Are you in need of egg cartons? The recycling center offers a reuse program.

You can leave used egg cartons at the recycling center and take egg cartons free of charge.

Drop off or pick up used egg cartons at the Recycling Center at 1831 111th Avenue.

Coon Rapids Recycling

Don't Be a "Wish-cycler"

When in doubt, throw it out! Putting items in the recycling bin that can not be recycled can jam up sorting machines and drive up costs.

Recycling containers are not a “catch all” for anything people may think is recyclable. When it doubt, check with the city or county to determine whether something is recyclable, otherwise throw it out. Not sorting materials properly causes problems for recycling sorting facilities – anything from damaging equipment to contaminating raw materials.

The two major culprits that should NOT go in a curbside recycling cart: dirty diapers and plastic bags.

Dirty diapers – While the box they come in may say “made from recycled materials” and the box itself may have a recycling symbol, please don’t confuse this with the fact that used diapers cannot be recycled. Diapers should always go in the trash. Even clean, unused diapers are not recyclable.

Plastic bags – Although bags are recyclable at the recycling center and at many big box store locations, they should not go in a residential recycling bin. Placing bags in the curbside bin disrupts the sorting process at recycling facilities as bags can get caught in equipment.

If you need a visual reminder of what CAN go in the curbside recycling bin, check out information on the Anoka County website.
Recycling Center Hours
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