Property Maintenance

City staff is available to answer questions regarding City Code requirements. Many answers can be found in the Residential Code Enforcement Guide (PDF). Common property maintenance and code enforcement violations are outlined below:

Long Grass

The long weed and grass season is May 1st through September 30th every year. To report long grass concerns, please call 763-951-7200. Per City Code 8-500, grass and weeds need to be maintained under eight inches in height. City Code does not require the spraying or treatment of dandelions or creeping Charlie. Access additional information on native plantings.


City Code 11-601.5 requires all vehicles in exterior storage to have current registration displayed and to be in a visibly operable condition. City Code 11-603.1(7)(i) and 11-603.2(7)(i) require all vehicles to be parked on an improved surface in the front and side yard with some exceptions along the Mississippi River. Repairing or dismantling vehicles outside is a violation of City Code.

Exterior Storage

Under City Code 11.601.10(2), the following are prohibited in residential districts: To place, store or allow the placement or storage of salvage wood, furniture, plastic, recyclables, scrap metal, debris, pipe, lumber, forms, steel machinery, or similar materials including all material and equipment used in conjunction with a business outside on residential property including storage on an open trailer. 

Garbage Service

City Code 8-204 requires every residential household to have garbage service with a licensed hauler. It is also required by City Code 8-206 to have collection containers moved from the curb on non-collection days.


There is no City Code requiring residents to rake or mulch leaves. However, City Code 8-111 does prohibit depositing leaves on any public street.


Coon Rapids City Code 6-700 allows up to four hen chickens on residential property with a permit. Find additional information on raising backyard chickens and sustainability in Coon Rapids.

Exterior Maintenance

Please view the Property Maintenance Assistance Guide (PDF) for resources available to Coon Rapids residents.

Excessive Storage

View helpful information and handouts on reducing excessive storage.

Rental License

All rental dwellings must be licensed. Refer to City Code 12-903 requirements. Read more information on rental licensing requirements.

Administrative Citations

So, you received an Administrative Citation. Now what? Don't panic! Administrative Citations are the City's way to communicate code violations to residents. Don't ignore the Administrative Citation. Ignoring the Citation may lead to further fines or penalties. Do read the entire Administrative Citation as well as the included Administrative Citation brochure (PDF), Do follow the instructions on the citation to correct the violations. Do follow up with an email or phone call to the inspector if you have questions about the Administrative Citation or the code violations listed.

Administrative Citations have a ten day compliance period for most violations. Property owners who receive an Administrative Citation must come into compliance, ask the City for additional time or appeal the citation before the compliance date. If compliance is achieved on an initial citation, no penalties are charged. If a code violation remains, the penalty will be charged and citations will double every ten days until compliance is achieved or the violation is abated.