Cable Complaints

What To Do if You Have a Cable Television Complaint

If you have questions or problems with service you receive from Xfinity (Comcast), the city’s franchise cable television provider, we ask that you please contact the company and attempt to resolve the issue. Xfinity may be reached at the following website link and phone number:

Xfinity (Comcast)
12940 Riverdale Dr NW, Suite 800
Coon Rapids, MN 55448

If Your Complaint is Still Unresolved with the Company

If you still have an unresolved issue after contacting the cable company, we will be happy to assist you. Fill out the online form to file your complaint. You will be contacted within 48 hours (or on Monday if on the weekend) with next steps and suggestions to resolve your issue.

If you have further questions contact CTN Station Manager, Eric Strouse, at 763-767-6526 or by email.